With the creation of book clubs for adults, it’s no wonder that our children are wondering: “Where is our Book Club?”  But with homework, sports, and much more competing for your child’s time (and yours), the idea of setting aside a couple of hours every month to discuss books can be time consuming in itself. Consider this, that book clubs for kids can help you:

  • get closer to your child/ren
  • share different aspects of their life
  • expand your conversations beyond “How was school today?”
  • provide insight into your child’s life, their peers, and how they think

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Featured Books

The Adventures of Mr Brooks: The Best Dog on The Planet” by Sheralee Everson

Come along on an adventure with Mr Brooks, the playful and loveable dog, as he explores the great outdoors with his friends. From chasing balls to rescuing chickens, eating fresh corn and juicy worms, no outing is complete without a few hilarious mishaps.

The Adventures of Mr Brooks – The Best Dog on The Planet is a charming story that is sure to bring a smile to your face and a warm feeling to your heart. Follow Mr Brooks on his fun-filled journey and get ready to laugh and have a great time!

This story shows the value of adventure, friendship and kindness, and readers will surely enjoy the antics of these animal friends as they navigate their adventures.

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“Father’s Day Special (ChickieQuack Book 2)” Missy Polly

It’s Father’s Day, Kirby & Colby decided to give their dad a special surprise. What do you think they’ll do? Will their dad like it? Let’s read the book to find out!

This children’s book is suitable for young children. It combines silly humor with love and kindness.

You can also read this children’s book FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

About the ChickieQuack Series

ChickieQuack is an animated series based on comics, it centers on the characters between a chick named Kirby and a duck named Colby. Kirby is a clumsy chick with eccentric personalities, he met Colby in an animal shelter. One day he decided to adopt Colby and so their journey began from there. Let’s check out their fun adventures.

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“The Boy with Ants in His Pants” by Kimberly Kendall-Drucker and Courtney Woods

Lance is a super-smart, super-cool elementary school kid with one problem – his teacher, his mommy, and his friends keep telling him he has ants in his pants.

Does Lance truly have ants in his pants, or is there more to the story?

Could the Ants in His Pants actually be ADHD?

This story explores children with ADHD and follows Lance on his journey as he learns to manage the ADHD Ants in His Pants.

Courtney Woods is the creative force behind The Boy with Ants in His Pants. She wanted to tell her son’s story in a way that would honor his ADHD journey, and this magnificent idea was born The Boy with Ants in His Pants is based on her son, “Lance,” (name changed to protect the innocent) and his experience with ADHD.

Kimberly Kendall-Drucker joined forces with Courtney Woods to bring “Lance’s” story to fruition. “Lance” is one of her favorite nephews.

The Boy with Ants in His Pants explores ADHD in kid-friendly, non-judgmental, non-threatening terms. It is a delightful story with for kids of all ages.

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“Marty: The Completely Unexpected, Absolutely Dangerous, and Rather Fun Adventure.” by E.W. Choate Jr.

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Small Heroes ~ Big Adventure! Marty is destined to become a Family Favorite.

Marty knew it was going to be a strange morning. But she had no idea that her life was about to change forever—or possibly end. As her troubles compound, Marty learns the Castle of Light has fallen to a rogue Blue Witch and her monstrous Lutabeast army. With everyone’s fate hanging in the balance, Marty is thrust into an unexpected and dangerous adventure.
Her only companion? Roger Ruzo—the unlikeliest of friends.

Only one thing’s for sure. If she can’t overcome her fears and learn to believe in herself, then it’ll all be for nothing. She’ll surely fall to the perils and doubt that taunt her and Ruzo along their journey.

The first book in the Marty series, Marty is the classic family book that’s entertaining for all ages. Join Marty and Ruzo on an adventure that will tickle the funny bone, tug at the heartstrings and spark the imagination.

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