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July 7, 2020
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July 8, 2020

“Zoe the crab: Lost on the beach” by Lucia Matuonto

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Zoe is a clever little crab, who is very curious about the exciting world around her. However, she is also afraid to face the many challenges that wait for her on the crowded beach, outside her safe and cozy hole. To accomplish her desire of getting out, discovering new places and making many new friends, she has to deal with predators, humans, snakes, and all kind of unplanned surprises.

Zoe is puzzled and bothered by the fact that she walks sideways. She thinks it is silly and very inefficient. She keeps trying to walk forward. She is always questioning her brothers why only crabs walk like this, while her brothers keep making fun of her. She has no friends and sometimes she is so tired that she just wants to stay at home with her mom.
She is the youngest of three siblings and she is sometimes more mature than her teenager brothers, who are always getting into trouble.

One day she gets also dragged into it, suffers an accident and ends up lost on the beach. Zoe needs for once and for all to face her fears and have the courage to search for her way back to her family. In fact, this turns out to be the best day of her life yet, because she finally meets friends and proves to herself and to her family how much she can accomplish and how strong she can be.

How can all this happen in just 24 hours? Let’s find out!

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