Whose Vehicle Is This?: A Look at Vehicles Workers Drive – Fast, Loud, and Bright (Whose Is It?: Community Workers)

Skink–No Surrender
November 5, 2017
The Never-Bored Kid Book, Ages 4-5
November 5, 2017

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Start your engine and guess whose vehicle is whose. There are many kinds of vehicles. Some are slow, and some are fast. Some are loud, and some are quiet. Many people use special vehicles to help them do their jobs. Can you guess whose vehicle is whose?

Learn all about the different vehicles used by bus drivers, conductors, astronauts, and more. An interactive, illustrated book with plenty of fun facts, Whose Vehicle Is This? by Sharon Katz Cooper provides a great introduction to some important jobs in the community in the form of an occupational guessing game.Whose Vehicle Is This A Look at Vehicles Workers Drive Fast Loud and Bright


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