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October 30, 2019
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November 1, 2019

“Where Will You Go, Ricky Jo?” by Tom Murdoch

Take your child on an exciting storytime journey with the adventurous Ricky Jo, a little chihuahua looking to explore his big dreams and share in new experiences.

More than ever, we want our children to be passionate about learning, confident in their creativity, and eager to seek out new places and adventures; even if they’re only heading off to dreamland.

That’s why author Tom Murdoch’s book, Where will you go, Ricky Jo?, is a colorful and engaging story about a cute chihuahua who’s always ready for a little exploration.

You and your child will love following along with Ricky Jo as he races off in a fire truck, soars the open skies in an airplane, rides a horse across the plains, and visits a farm; all before heading off to bed and embarking on new and exciting adventures only found in his dreams.

A fun bedtime story sure to inspire the imagination, this kid’s book features colorfully vibrant illustrations and rhythmic prose that keep the story moving along at a good pace while making each page more delightful than the last.

Perfect for boys and girls ages 2 and up, Where will you go, Ricky Jo? helps encourage kids to learn more about the world, take on new adventures, and understand that visiting someplace new only takes a bit of imagination; even if you’re only a little chihuahua.

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