When You Share You Shine

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June 1, 2022
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June 5, 2022

“When You Share You Shine! How Stella Got Her Glow Back!” by Yasmin Iese (Author), Lola Brown (Author), Endar Novianto (Illustrator)

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Follow Stella as she learns a valuable lesson about sharing, in this adorable new book, When You Share You Shine. Create a special moment during storytime about kindness, empathy, sharing, and friendship with your little ones as Stella goes through these important life lessons.

Up in the sky, far away from human eyes, there lived a little star named Stella. Stella was a beautiful little star, but she wasn’t very good at sharing. One day, Stella noticed that she had no glow left, and this made her feel very sad. How did Stella manage to lose her starlight glow? Will Stella be able to get her glow back?

When You Share You Shine is an uplifting story that familiarizes children with the concept of sharing and helps them understand the importance of care and empathy. It emphasizes the value of friendship and encourages children to look for opportunities to share because when you share you shine!

This book has been creatively co-written from a child’s imagination and perspective to reach and inspire important early learning milestones.

Beautifully illustrated where children can let their imagination flow and interact actively throughout Stella’s journey!

Enjoy this wonderful little book about sharing, empathy, kindness, and friendship with your children today!

A beautiful gift for family and friends!

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