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August 5, 2021
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“The Solving Guide of the Rubik’s Cube Puzzle” by DAVID RUBICON

Many of us have struggled to learn the Rubik’s Cube in its 40 year history. This tutorial will give you the insight to overcome this frustrating obstacle.
You will never struggle to learn how to solve the rubiks cube again.

This book is desirable for kids and beginners. Its step – by – step guide enables the reader to learn quickly. All those frustrated people can finally solve the cube.
Algorithms aren’t necessary, but I have included them for those interested.

This book covers all the needs of a beginner. The diagrams are clearly illustrated. They are very colorful, and have a clear image.

I illustrate the following three things –

1) The pictures of the original position of the cube.

2) The look of the Cube during the moves made.

3) The pictures of what the Cube should look like after the completed moves.

Here, you can also learn techniques, and finger tricks to produce faster solves.
I offer tips on finger tricks to help work up your speed.

I have provided you with information about other prominent Rubik’s Cube solvers, and their world records.

You can also read up on the history of the Rubik’s Cube.

Finally, I have informed the learner about other learning methods, and named online sites that offer help, and advice on all Rubik’s Cube related activities.

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