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“The Sanctus Chronicles: The Plague of Tradium” by D. P. Leimgruber

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After the mysterious disappearance of their parents, the Sanctus children are assigned to the Tradium Boarding School, where magic is studied but never truly practiced.

Paul discovers a mystic book and his own magical gift which may save the school and his younger siblings lives.

When a deadly plague breaches the castle walls, will his sister Hope use her own unique gifts to save the school, even if her own family must pay the ultimate cost?

The Sanctus Chronicles: The Plague of Tradium is a tale full of unique supernatural gifts and the wisdom of great literature that children of all ages will delight in, and the whole family can read together.

*Praise for The Sanctus Chronicles*
“In a world of two hundred and eighty character social media posts, we desperately need to cultivate again our holy imaginations through good reading; especially with our children.  In The Sanctus Chronicles: The Plague of Tradium, Dustin Leimgruber takes us into a world of fantasy where a mystical book and supernatural powers are real and the journey is the cost of daring to believe.  This is an inspiring fictional world the whole family can enjoy.  As I read the Chronicles of Narnia with my children, I look forward to reading the Sanctus Chronicles with my grandchildren.”

Rev. Dr. D. Dean Weaver
Stated Clerk
The Evangelical Presbyterian Church

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