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March 18, 2021
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March 20, 2021

“The Red Ball” by Love Archibong

Go on a journey with 2 boys and a magician.

In a world where all we and our children are taught is to only look out for ourselves, and that success is to be attained at all cost; even at the expense of others,
Have you had this burning desire to teach your kids otherwise?

Do you want to leave them with a legacy of good morals and what really matters in life?
If yes, then go no further. This book titled “The Red Ball,” written by Love Archibong, is an amazing book that every child needs as a reminder of what it is to have good values and moral standards.

The Red Ball tells the story of 2 boys who go to play and meet a magician. He gives them a gift but asks them to deny it if anyone asked them about it. If they did otherwise, he promised to turn them into frogs. They take the give and left. Then they meet this girl crying and saying that the gift they have at hand is hers, something she lost. What will the 2 boys do? Is their gift really hers? Are they to give it back? Bear the risk of being turned into frogs? How will the magician react to all these?

A fact is that this book will teach your kids to have empathy, be honest, tell the truth always, choose to do right no matter what and many more.

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