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March 3, 2019
The Rubies
March 5, 2019

The Queen Ant: A journey into the day to day troubles of the ant kingdom” by Abid Rozdar

As Winter Fades and the happiness of summer arrives, a Queen Ant wakes up from her winter sleep ready to rally her troops and find the necessary food for her whole colony to Survive,She is Incharge of the Situation and she has to lead her worker ants to collect as much food as they can, but there are hidden dangers which needs to be addressed, can the queen find the solutions for the problem?

The life of the Queen ant is fun and she teaches the young reader her tricks in solving problems, She is so good with calculations, and on each day of the week she will teach our young reader the art of multiplication and also help learn the days of the week, plus the diverse types of fruits and foods the worker ants are able to find will enrich their appetite for this book.

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