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December 3, 2020
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“The Paraguay Christmas Book” by Auxi Benitez

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The aim of the series “Discovering Christmas Around the World” is to transport readers to different parts of the world during Christmas time. In this intriguing and informative series of books, readers will be transported to countries as far as Paraguay. Children and parents alike will let their imagination fly with the many distinctive traditions everywhere.

Every year, readers will travel, explore and learn Christmas traditions from around the globe and even learn some Christmas related vocabulary from the destination country. This series is paired with activity books to keep everyone entertained during the holidays.

The story book has incredible illustrations reflecting the many diverse traditions different countries have during this time of the year. The books are suitable for everyone who is a Christmas fan and keen to learn and teach their children about what other Holiday traditions there are in the world.

The readers will find where in the world they celebrate Christmas in the summer or in winter or whether Santa is the only one bringing presents!

The books aim to awaken the readers curiosity and sense of adventure to discover the world, accept diversity and embrace the power of discovery through travelling from a young age.

Both books are available on Amazon for deliveries worldwide.

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