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August 6, 2021
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August 19, 2021

“The Little Girl Who Lived In The Well” by Roger Major

A simple holiday with her parents to West Virginia turns into a magical experience for ten-year-old Emma Hopkins. Who is the mysterious young girl she befriends? And why can nobody else see her? Why is this girl so drawn to Emma? And where does she really live? Captivating Emma with her special powers, she brings adventure and fun of a different kind into her holiday.
The two girls soon discover they have many things in common. They even share the same birthday!
But as their friendship grows ever stronger, Emma begins to have puzzling questions about her friend:
• Where does she live?
• Why can’t she read at age ten?
• And how can she come and go without making a sound?
Discovering the terrible truth about her friend, Emma sets out on a mission to seek Justice for the cruel injustice that had changed her friend’s life forever.

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