The Hidden Spaceship- An Adventure Into Environmental Awareness

W-B-C Team
October 14, 2019
The Runaway Schoolhouse
October 22, 2019

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“The Hidden Spaceship: An Adventure Into Environmental Awareness” by Lane Ferrari, Serena

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When Amelia and Noah stumble across a spaceship, an out-of-this-world adventure begins! The friends have a very special mission – to help save the Earth’s ecosystem.
They must go on a daunting journey to another planet, find a treasure chest and complete their quest.
What secret does the treasure chest hold?

This emerging author is so passionate about the future of our planet that you can’t help but be drawn into her stories and totally inspired! The Hidden Spaceship is full of excitement, bravery and, above all, a really important message for the young reader to take home.” Lor Bingham, editor.

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