A Very Curly Christmas
December 8, 2019
Adventures Of Zaan
December 13, 2019

“The Day Zeebs Lost His Stripes: a story by RoRo” by Ronet van der Walt

One perfect morning in the wilderness Zeebs, the zany zebra wakes up to find that his stripes are missing. He soon discovers that the culprit is a usual suspect, who has found yet another way of defrauding the world. While searching for his stripes, Zeebs reluctantly admits to himself that he is not as innocent as he first thought.

Zeebs needs to find his stripes – pronto!
If not found in time, they might refuse to stick back onto his body.

Will Zeebs find all his stripes, before time runs out?
After all, what is a zebra without his stripes?

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