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August 23, 2021
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August 24, 2021

“The Day An Angel Ran Into My Room” by Anabelle Valenzuela-Alarcon

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The Day an Angel Ran into My Room!! is a picture book that introduces children to guardian angels—and helps kids find their wings.

Alessandra is getting ready for bed when she gets an unlikely visitor: her guardian angel, Angelisse. The angel looks like a child herself, making it easy for Alessandra to relate. Angelisse shares several secrets and reveals how special and powerful Alessandra is. The angel explains how important every person is in the universe, how every action causes a reaction, the importance of visualization, and other magical things.

The book shows children they’re never alone, that their angels are always looking out for them, and that kids can change the world through their thoughts and actions. Marvelous things can happen for anyone who believes! The message in the book is delivered in a lighthearted way, with language children can understand. The book is also inclusive and non-religious, for all parents—though spiritual-minded readers will appreciate it more.

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