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July 1, 2019
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“The Colorful Unicorn: A Unicorn Coloring Adventure” by Sue Shade

The perfect coloring book gift for anyone crazy about unicorns!

The Colorful Unicorn: A Unicorn Adventure (Ages 4-8) includes:

50 coloring pages
25 unique designs
Original artwork
High resolution
Cute illustrations
Single sided pages
Age appropriate backgrounds
A large format – 8.5 x 11 inches

This coloring book includes 25 unique designs. Each design appears twice, perfect for sharing or for those who wish to try again. Behind each drawing is a blank page, effectively preventing bleed through and allowing the user to tear out from the book their colored illustration on completion. In this book, you (or whomever you may wish to gift it to) will encounter unicorns, mermaids, princesses, and a wide variety of other cute creatures sharing their adventures. The age-appropriate backgrounds filled with flowers, castles, forests, ponds, and plenty more makes for fun coloring. The large format is perfect for small and unsteady hands, and also work in favor of those with more experience who may wish to color with the utmost detail. There is no better way to stimulate both the creativity and the imagination of a child. The Colorful Unicorn makes for a great gift! If you (or your child) love cute unicorns, mermaids, and princesses, get your copy today. A magical adventure awaits!

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