The carnivorous plant who wanted to become a vegetarian

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May 7, 2020
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May 9, 2020

The carnivorous plant who wanted to become a vegetarian” by Warda Ghawazee, Jackeff Habibi

In the swamp of the “Flycatcher” lives a loving community of carnivorous plants whose favorite dishes have always been insects and mosquitoes. But little Venus, since she was little more than a sprout, has not felt at peace with herself: she feels remorse in having to resort to the life of other creatures to eat. A little marginalized and quite tormented, she would like to seek an alternative, a harmony that can respect everyone without creating pain. Misunderstood by the family – even if you continue to love them – she do not find support in her fellows, who consider their habit completely natural, and who indeed imagine a different, vegetarian life as bizarre, especially if it is really a plant that follows it! However, a midge saved by Venus will show her a hidden world, stronger than instinct, made of delicious golden syrup, fruit and delicacies of all kinds, capable of knowingly covering a complete diet, without hurting anyone. However, this discovery does not have much time to be explained: a threat that only the little Venus will be able to face is threatening all her friends with the seedlings of the swamp catcher. A story for children of conscience and freedom of choice, which voluntarily does not express a judgment in order not to condition the reader’s thought, limiting the narration to a simple and serene goodnight fairy tale.

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