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March 14, 2020
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March 27, 2020

The Burping Pumpkin” by Steph Alexis 

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This is a fun and inventive tale that children will enjoy reading as well get introduced to some important life lessons.

The tale is about two kids, Zach and Zoe who lived in a tiny village with their parents. The village was surrounded by huge mountains that was inhabited by giants. The villagers never ventured up the mountain for fear that they would be captured by the giants. One day Zach and Zoe went strawberry picking so that their mom could make a pie for dinner. Before heading out the kids were warned not to go beyond the weeping willow trees that led to the mountain path. While gathering berries Zach & Zoe disobeyed the warning and went way beyond the weeping willows. The kids had a scary encounter with a mountain giant but with some quick wit and teamwork, they were saved by a giant burping pumpkin.

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