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December 21, 2021
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“The Boy with Ants in His Pants” by Kimberly Kendall-Drucker and Courtney Woods

Lance is a super-smart, super-cool elementary school kid with one problem – his teacher, his mommy, and his friends keep telling him he has ants in his pants.

Does Lance truly have ants in his pants, or is there more to the story?

Could the Ants in His Pants actually be ADHD?

This story explores children with ADHD and follows Lance on his journey as he learns to manage the ADHD Ants in His Pants.

Courtney Woods is the creative force behind The Boy with Ants in His Pants. She wanted to tell her son’s story in a way that would honor his ADHD journey, and this magnificent idea was born The Boy with Ants in His Pants is based on her son, “Lance,” (name changed to protect the innocent) and his experience with ADHD.

Kimberly Kendall-Drucker joined forces with Courtney Woods to bring “Lance’s” story to fruition. “Lance” is one of her favorite nephews.

The Boy with Ants in His Pants explores ADHD in kid-friendly, non-judgmental, non-threatening terms. It is a delightful story with for kids of all ages.

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