February 13, 2020
The Adventures of Bentley Hippo
February 19, 2020

“The Best Dogs Come From… (Dual Language English-Español)” by Dialog Abroad Books

Everyone knows the best dogs come from…

An adorable dialog between two young friends on a global search to find the perfect dog breed.

From the cutest and friendliest to the bravest and smartest, the pair discover it isn’t so easy to unearth the best four-legged foreign friend.

More than an illustrated story for dog lovers and families adopting a dog, children learn that love and acceptance of diversity are more important than judging others based on abilities, appearance or nationality.

Great for preschool children and kindergarten classrooms, this book uses descriptive and superlative adjectives in simple sentences that kids will understand. Plus, kids get to learn the names of dog breeds around the world, the names of the countries they come from and why they’re all special in their own unique ways.

This dual language edition is especially useful for parents and teachers looking for fun ways to promote early bilingual development, with all text given in both English and Spanish.

This book is also available in other bilingual versions.

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