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May 3, 2020
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May 3, 2020

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The Adventures of Robyn and Calico” by Cheryl T. Long

Robyn, an eight year-old girl, sits at her window longing for snow drifts that will cover the roads and houses so she can frolic, make snow angels and play. The news, however, never seems to include snow in their forecast!
Hoping against all hope one night, Robyn is visited by the mysterious and beautiful Queen Snow, who promises everything she desires.
Robyn’s curious nature gets the better of her and it’s up to Calico to help her find her way. Will the unlikely pair make it home? Does the Snow Queen really have the powers to give Robyn the weather of her dreams?
Get your copy of The Adventures of Robyn and Calico today and follow this avid detective-to-be and her sidekick Calico.

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