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July 1, 2022
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July 3, 2022

“Tales From A Rainbow’s End: Best of Children Classics” by Suresh Thadhani

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This creative, stunning piece of children’s story
This book tells a tale about the fun things of life. In a world where vegetables can gossip and work’s no fun this fantasy book will take you on a trip that no child would want to get off of. With ten different stories some from the depths of Suresh’s creative mind, this children’s book ‘tales from a rainbow’s End,” is a complete book that will only sharpen the mind of our young readers.

The book covers many subjects like the curious attachments of humans to photographs, a fun game of snake and ladder played with one’s kids, and finding relief through laughter and humor. Every little story of the book this children’s series packs a punch of action, storytelling, creativity and humor unlike you’ve ever read. Ideal for newly confident readers, aged 6-8 years old these amusing and fun-filled tales are the perfect length for reading aloud at bedtime or in the classroom.

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