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February 19, 2020
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February 22, 2020

“T is for Treasure – Link to 2 Different Printable Coloring Book Versions Inside: A Pirate Alphabet Book” by Dr Mia Clarke

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This book features beautiful color images specifically designed to increase your child’s creativity – even if they just look at them!


Each book contains:

  • An A-Z Alphabetical List of various Pirate related terms.
  • Amazing facts about each term designed to engage your child while creating deep word association and understanding.
  • Stimulating and attention grabbing color graphics illustrating each subject

As an additional bonus, this book contains a link to download 2 bonus printable coloring book versions!

Not only do these printable coloring books allow your child to color along and copy the color version of “P is for Pirate”  – but they create another unique learning opportunity.

You can load the color version of “P is for Pirate” on a tablet or computer, print out the coloring books and your kids could be set for hours of uninterrupted learning!

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