Find your favorite books read aloud with illustrations or authors reading to a group.

“Eli & The Magical World: A Story Of Magical Adventure” by Christopher O’keefe

Eli is a young girl with a single mum that struggles to make new friends at school and then thanks to the help of some enchanted friends goes on a journey to a magical land where she meets many new friends.

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“Barney Bee’s Colorful Adventures” by Jude Russell

“I see red flowers! Barney buzzed…How many flowers can you see that are red?”

Barney Bee’s Colorful Adventure is a beautifully illustrated Level 1 reading book for children and toddlers that helps kids learn colors and how to count, as they follow Barney, the busy little worker bee on his search for specific colors and numbers of flowers near his beehive. Luckily, Barney has lots of friends to help him find the colored flowers, like Lucy the Ladybug, Farmer Rick, and Reggie the Rabbit!

Even reluctant readers will love reading Barney Bee’s Colorful Adventure with their parents or grandparents. This heartwarming story for toddlers and early readers teaches kids to visually recognize their colors and how to read color words, which are shaded with colored text to aid in reading comprehension. Kids also learn valuable lessons about making friends, teamwork, kindness, and the value of hard work, as Barney Bee’s Colorful Adventure quickly becomes your child’s favorite bedtime story!

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“Matchbox Dreams: Book 2. The Jenkins’ Kids in Dreamland” by Mr. Douglas Schwartz

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Book Two, The Jenkins’ Kids in Dreamland, picks up where book one leaves off. The adventure continues with three distant cousins from 2020, Abigail, Joel, Bethany, and three cute hamsters, Archie, Amber and Alice. Each night, the kids and hamsters travel back to 1900 and explore remote parts of Dreamland and run into their cousins from time to time.

It’s easy to fall in love with the characters and adventures that take place in Dreamland. From unicorns, fairies, and bridge trolls, to puppies, squirrels, and treasure-greedy dogs, children will look forward to bedtime each night to hear the next adventure in Dreamland. At the same time, young adults will enjoy reading the series to themselves

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“The Silly Food Misdeeds of Tooty Frooty” by G. Mahesh

A funny illustrated children’s rhyme book. It is a story of 2 cute kittens who try different tactics to ensure their favourite food is always available. But their tactics always end up in unexpected and hilarious results.

A book that will make kids laugh and also convey to them the importance of eating healthy food in a non-preaching, funny and entertaining manner.

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Dinosaur Dreams” by Alexander Kelley

Greyson loves dinosaurs. They’re his favorite thing on earth. Big or small, he loves playing with dinosaurs all day long. But now that it’s bedtime, does that mean that it’s the end of his dinosaur adventures?

This bedtime story spotlights the power of imagination and looking at dreams as a child’s nighttime adventure.

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“I’ll Be Right There” by Jonathan J Marshall

I’ll Be Right There is a children’s book that tells of a story of a father and son. This is an awesome book not just for fathers and sons, but for anyone parenting little ones when they get get scared at night. It is a great reminder to tell your little ones you will be there to support them.

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