Sshh! You’ll Make Michael Mad: Don’t Be A Bully

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January 16, 2021
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January 19, 2021

Sshh! You’ll Make Michael Mad: Don’t Be A Bully” by Christopher Bird

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Michael is a little firecracker! Just a few wrong words can cause this six-year-old to have a tantrum. Even when his schoolmates are nice to him, Michael can be mean. Sometimes, he gets so angry that he literally starts seeing red!

While everyone has problems with stress and anger, young Michael has developed some bad habits, such as bullying and cruelty. This doesn’t mean that Michael is a bad kid, though. He still has hobbies, just like other children his age. Will Michael find a way to build up friendships instead of tearing down everyone around him?

This book is helpful for anyone, especially kids who might deal with stress or anger. In witnessing the benefits of hobbies and interests, readers will learn about how they can use their interests to regain positivity, find calmness, and distract themselves from stress.

Read how Michael uses his hobbies to build up positive relationships!

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