Special Susie and the Mystery of the Wooden Hut

February 21, 2019
Thinking Stories
March 3, 2019

“Special Susie and the Mystery of the Wooden Hut” by Stephen A. Adams

There are two things you need to know about Susie. She is a young girl who is always interested in everything, and she always wears a ribbon in her hair. When she is thinking, she twiddles and pulls at the ribbon, until she works out what she has to do.

At the moment Susie is very interested in the old wooden hut, where the children go to get lots of games and toys to play with.

But some strangers have been hanging around the hut, and Susie thinks they’re up to no good.
These people are grown-ups who don’t seem to belong. Why are they interested in an old hut in the middle of a field? Are they going to take away all the toys and games?

With some help from her friends and family, Susie is going to try to solve The Mystery Of The Wooden Hut.

This book is aimed at children aged 6 – 11 years. It is a nice sized paperback whose story leaves us wanting to know more about Susie and her friends and family.

It can be read either as a wonderful bedtime story or as an enjoyable read in a classroom. The author, Stephen A. Adams, has lovingly told this story of an adventurous and charming hero called Susie.

Be sure to look out for more Special Susie adventure books.

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