Special Susie and the Mystery of the Missing Books

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March 8, 2019
The Heritage
March 9, 2019

“Special Susie and the Mystery of the Missing Books” by Stephen A. Adams

Susie is a young girl who is always interested in everything, and she always wears a ribbon in her hair. When she is thinking, she twiddles and pulls at the ribbon, until she works out what she has to do.

Right now, Susie is very interested in what Mr Green, the teacher, is saying about books going missing at school. Susie is also interested in a new girl who has been seen hanging about near the library.

Susie does not know this girl, she is a stranger. Has the girl been stealing, or is she completely innocent? If it’s not her, then who is taking things from the library? Join Susie as she tries to solve The Mystery of the Missing Books.

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