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July 18, 2020
So Cute: My Own Big Book of Coloring
July 18, 2020

“So Fun: My Own Big Book of Coloring” by  Little Hands 

If your kiddo loves to color, you NEED this book ★★★★★ !

It is so difficult to find coloring books that don’t have either princesses OR cars/angry superheroes (and nothing else). We have thought through a great mix of pictures and scenes to keep your kids inspired and interested. There is a little bit of everything.

Whether your toddler likes to color alone or prefers to color with you. These simple, age-appropriate designs will provide your child with many hours of learning fun♥♥♥.

◆The pictures have large areas to color rather than tiny details that are hard for a toddler to get to.

◆The illustrations are simple and the thick black lines make coloring easy for little ones who are learning to color in the lines.

◆This book is filled with tons of great pictures that are wonderful for teaching young children new things.

◆Perfect as a gift!

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