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July 7, 2022
On-the-go Coloring and Activity Book
July 15, 2022

“Sloths Are Slow” by Kimberly Marino

Did you know, sloths are slow? Meet Lento, the three-toed sloth, and join him on an interactive journey to the colorful South American rain forest where he lives. Written by Kimberly Marino, an experienced licensed Speech and Language Pathologist, to assist in developmental areas not often covered in early books. Young learners will love engaging with this factual and playful book as they “work” on developing fine and gross motor skills, expressive (talking) and receptive (understanding what is said) language , and cognitive skills (counting and more). It’s an exciting addition to the preschool classroom, speech and language therapy bag, special education therapy bag, as well as physical and occupational therapists, and a must have for all who have, or work with, little ones! Recommended for children ages 1 and up!***A portion of proceeds are donated to GiGi’s Playhouse of Long Island. GiGi’s Playhouse is the ONLY nationwide network of Down Syndrome achievement centers; changing lives through FREE, result-driven programs for individuals of all ages, families and communities.~ “Sloths Are Slow” was written in loving memory of Thomas Scully. Thomas lost his life to an aggressive malignant brain tumor at the age of 12. www.ThomasScullyFoundation.org

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