Self-Care, Self-Care, Everywhere, Everywhere…

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February 13, 2021
Children’s Short Stories
February 15, 2021

Self-Care, Self-Care, Everywhere, Everywhere…” by Naylani and Nayla Stokes 

“Self-Care, Self-Care, Everywhere, Everywhere…” This adorable journey written by two young sisters demonstrates fun things that children can do to take care of their minds and bodies. From children taking a moment to appreciate the fresh air, to using their wonderful imaginations, this clever, poetic book delivers. Children and adults alike can follow along with the rhythm of the words and think of ways to improve their own…self-care.

About the Authors:

Sisters Naylani and Nayla Stokes live in Buffalo, New York with their parents. They attend school and work together as a dynamic author team for their family publishing company, Stokes Media, LLC.

The sisters love hanging out watching movies, writing, art, and spending time with their parents. Despite their age gap, the girls are best friends.

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