Second Day Scaries

The Sanctus Chronicles
March 27, 2022
I Caught A Thought
April 11, 2022

“Second Day Scaries” by Linda Courtney

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The second day of summer horse camp has Katy all excited to start the new day after overcoming her fears of the previous day. However, when learning to ride she suffers a setback. Her anxiety starts to take over and she feels like she cannot do it. Her new friend Jaclyn comes to her rescue and tries to help her stay strong. Can Katy find the determination to try again and not let her be left behind? Later at the swimming hole, Jaclyn is suffers anxiety about going into the deep water. Will her new friends Katy, Ann, and Marci come to the rescue to help her through it? Join Katy and her new friends as they become closer and learn to trust themselves as well as each other.

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