December 11, 2021
The Boy Who Lives in the World of Black Lines
December 16, 2021

“Polka The Dotted Sock: A Fun Children’s Book About Self-motivation, Self-confidence and Resilience” by Sola Alakuro Oluwande

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Just in time for Christmas!!!

Polka The Dotted Sock is a fun and creative children’s book about a sock named Polka who lives in a tidy mismatched drawer. Polka loves life, loves being worn, loves folding herself into different shapes and she really enjoys being washed. BUT… she doesn’t like going into the dryer. To avoid it, Polka catapults herself into a life-changing adventure. Where will she go? The mountains? The ocean or Santa’s workshop. Join Polka as she discovers her mental powers, shows resilience, critical thinking skills and self-motivation even as she embraces her uniqueness.

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