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May 13, 2020
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May 15, 2020

Papa Bear Isn’t Feeling Well” by R.J. DiLupo

Family is arguably one of the most important influences in a child’s life. A family is there from the first moments of life, and children depend on parents to protect and provide for them. Parents and family form a child’s first relationships. These relationships teach and prepare a child for the experiences the life ahead of them will bring. Some experiences, however inevitable they may be, can not be prepared for. It is in the face of these experiences that a family must rally together. Papa-Bear, the beloved patriarch of a bear family, is called to battle against an undefeated opponent. The pillars of faith, love, and family, must stand resilient against the immense weight of panic, fear, and loss as Papa-Bear prepares to fight for his life.Papa-Bear answers the challenge despite being untried, unprepared, and tragically outmatched. Though this challenger has never been slain, strong and weak alike have faced this destructive foe and forced its retreat. Will Papa-Bear be one of the victors?Sudden loss is painful for adults to understand and more so for the youngest in the family. When Cancer infects someone, it’s not just the individual the desires attacks. It attacks every family member from the youngest leaves down to the oldest root of the family tree. Idealism is natural. Optimism surrounds every “What if…”. The darker side of “What if…” may haunt the back of everyones mind, but it is seldom discussed. When a dark nightmare becomes a crushing reality, the strength to accept and understand losing one of life’s purest loves is difficult to muster despite love and support all around. Papa-Bear was the self-claimed title of my late father, whose memory this book is both based on and dedicated to. After losing his three-month fight with aggressive Cancer in late July 2017, I wrote the enclosed story for my grief-stricken sister to help her have the much-needed conversation with her young children in the face of their first genuine loss.“Papa-Bear Isn’t Feeling Well” not only helps open a dialogue between family elder and child, but also serves as a reminder to young and old alike, that as difficult as life will be after a tragic loss, life will go on! Love will always persevere in the end. Love will forever remain, and memories will help sustain!

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