My Best Self

Tootie the Tooth Fairy
November 18, 2021
Because I’m Awesome!
December 5, 2021

“My Best Self” by Uncle Dave, Illustrated by: Uncle Dave and Derrik Soares

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Would you like to be the kind of person who helps people? If so, where do you start? “My Best Self” is a charming story that will help you take the first step! Get ready to dive into this vibrantly illustrated story as the characters work towards becoming their best selves!

A perfect book for early readers, parents, and teachers, this heartwarming story teaches life lessons that are perfect for the whole family. Filled with colorful illustrations and easy-to-read storytelling, this is a must-read resource to teach children about kindness and altruism. If you are ever feeling down and that the world lacks kindness, you will be uplifted and inspired by the underlying themes in this story.

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