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April 15, 2019
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May 1, 2019

“Mos & Quito: Go on a Vacation” by Gimac McNack

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Mos and Quito are two very special mosquitos who are going on crazy adventures again and again. They look very similar to each other. But if you look very closely, then you will be able to recognize them by the letter on their t-shirt. Mos and Quito are originally from Mexico.
“Do you know what I would like, Mos?”, Quito said all starry eyed. “I would like to go to Greenland and spend every day in the sun while lying in a hammock”.

“No loco (Spanish) , no silly” said Mos to Quito. “That’s not possible at all. In Greenland it’s sometimes even colder than a freezer in a fridge. We are going somewhere where it’s always warm. We are going to a tropical country!”

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