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October 20, 2022
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“Mate and Rix Escape Boredom” by Jolie Curran

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Kids will love the story and the funny illustrations. Parents and educators will appreciate how the story and pictures make understanding double-digit addition stress-free and easy. Turn a kid’s math anxiety into math confidence.

A boring night at the pet store turns into a night of fun when Mate and Rix build a fort using addition with regrouping.

Mate and Rix help students find a fun new way to regroup when adding. Second graders loved it.”
Kristin Terwilliger, Second Grade Teacher, Seaview Elementary, Edmonds WA

“A charming delight. It is the perfect book to springboard mathematical thinking with quality children’s literature.”
Delilah Gonzales, EdD, Founder of Emerging Learners Literacy Foundation

Maths mastery is a must-have skill in this tech-driven world. Kids gain the math confidence they need to succeed through books like Mate and Rix Escape Boredom.

Parents and educators can feel ‘stuck’ when teaching double-digit addition. Mate and Rix Escape Boredom is a fictional math-based picture book with lovable characters to engage a child’s imagination. Kids will gain math confidence and achieve more than studying the standard math curriculum alone.

This fictional story teaches math through lovable characters and energetic illustrations. It will engage even the most reluctant learner.

* The illustrations and visual models are a non-threatening way to teach multi-digit addition with regrouping.

* Literature and mathematics can foster literacy and mathematical understanding – saving time and increasing comprehension.

* Research has shown the use of story picture books in mathematics teaching and learning can help foster a positive attitude toward mathematics learning in children (Yang et al., 2013).

For decades, students have been taught one standard procedure for addition with regrouping – carry the one. But there is an easier, more efficient, and proven way to perform multi-digit addition – the partial-sums addition algorithm. This is the algorithm Mate and Rix demonstrate in the book.

Jolie and Frans bring humor and friendship to a math concept a child must master.

Great books like Mate and Rix Escape Boredom help a kid turn math anxiety into math confidence!

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