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December 2, 2019
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December 4, 2019

Little Book of Opposites: Read and Learn Sight Words” by Zachary Moser, Jason Moser

This word opposites and short sentence book is designed to teach opposites as well as help children ages 3 to 6 learn to read by applying the sight words in sentences.

The trouble with most sight word books is the simplicity created with the pictures. A child isn’t challenged to read when they can guess at the word based on the picture alone. In this brilliant opposites sight word book, the picture doesn’t directly give away the sight word; the child must sound out the words in order to read the sentence.

Zachary is a bright young man just learning to read and write. He saw his daddy writing books and wanted to write books too. After bouncing some ideas back and forth, Zachary said a word and his daddy said the opposite. Daddy said a word and Zachary responded with the opposite. Once they had a few words on paper, Daddy found the pictures and Zachary wrote a sentence that corresponded to those pictures.

Zachary is six years old and loves to read because of books like this. His brother Jacob, who is four, also enjoyed Zachary’s book and for the first time actually showed interest with reading.

Please enjoy this Read and Learn Sight Words Series Book number 1 Little Book of Opposites to help your child’s mind grow.

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