Leyre´s secret and her horse

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January 14, 2020
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February 10, 2020

Leyre´s secret and her horse” by Alber Doncos

Follow the adventures of Indi the horse as he embarks on a seemingly impossible mission; learning to read.

They were two things Leyre loved most in her idyllic little world. First was her horse, Indi, a beautiful, honey-eyed Spanish pure breed with brown skin and a gorgeous black mane.

Her second most favorite thing to do was reading her favorite book on the top of the hill overlooking her town while Indi idly kicked around. Leyre and Indi did this every afternoon. But Indi was a curious horse and wondered why Leyre lay transfixed for hours on end, happily staring at some rectangular sheets.

Indi was determined to find out. With the help of Rosi, one of the cows Indi shared the stable with, he embarks on a quest to become literate.

Will Indi find a way to accomplish the impossible and learn how to read to surprise Leyre?

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