Laura McNaughty: The Injured Deer

The Value of Helping Others
July 16, 2019
Where Do You Keep The Lions?
July 18, 2019

“Laura McNaughty: The Injured Deer” by Simon Dudley

Laura McBean lives in the middle cottage of three with her brother Johnny and her mum on the edge of Stokey’s Woods. Laura was quite a mischievous girl when she was growing up, and that is how she got the nickname of Laura McNaughty. She doesn’t get into as much mischief now because she is that little bit older; but if she finds out that someone has been cruel to animals then that person, whoever he or she maybe, will have Laura and her friends to contend with.

Welcome to THE INJURED DEER, the third in the series of Laura McNaughty books where we find Laura busy trying to help an injured deer she saw in Stokey’s woods; and the grumpy Harbour Master has come to Laura’s attention for being cruel to the sea birds living in and around the harbour.

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