Kissy The Cat & The Shoe

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May 29, 2020
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May 31, 2020

“Kissy The Cat & The Shoe: The Mischievous Cat Series” by Nicola Joshua, Venie Joshua 

It’s a normal day in the Smith’s house, But Dad has lost his brown shoe. Will Kissy the Cat be able to help Dad find it? Read about Kissy The Cat and The Shoe.

As a child, I had a cat. She always stuck out her tongue and looked like she wanted a kiss, so we named her Kissy. She would bring home lizards and mice and nudge them toward us to eat. Most of the time Kissy was kind but sometimes she was a little mischievous. Read about Kissy and her adventures in Kissy the Cat & The Shoe.

Why choose Kissy The Cat:

  • Hand-drawn and digital illustrations
  • Great for early readers
  • A funny story, that will be a favorite
  • Designed and printed with love in the USA

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