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Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs
November 9, 2017
10 Minutes a Day: Spelling, Second Grade
November 9, 2017

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A collection of Tali Carmi’s best-selling children’s books!

The Terry Treetop Series

Terry Treetop is a redheaded little boy who loves to climb trees. He loves animals, being helpful, and, of course, his tree house! What kind of excitement is in store for him?

Join him on five different adventures that teach children about animals, the environment, and love for all creatures. It will encourage your children to be helpful, kind and considerate, to think for themselves in face of trouble, and to actively pursue their dreams.

The Abigail Series

Abigail is a little girl with a magic bicycle. She loves exploring, going on adventures and meeting boys and girls from different parts of the world! Where will she go and what will she see?

Tag along for the ride to four exciting journeys that will inspire your children to be open to different cultures, see new places and explore the world around them. It will also encourage them to be more curious, independent and enthusiastic about visiting new places!

For children aged 2-8

This series is ideal for children aged 2-8. The stories are suitable as a read aloud book for preschoolers or a self-read book for beginner readers. It’s a fun series for youngsters, with a simple vocabulary and colorful illustrations, and a length that’s just right for a bedtime story.


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