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October 28, 2020
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Illustrators: Abigail C. Johnson and Jael K. Johnson

Whether your hair is kinky, curly, or tightly coiled, HIP HOP HAIR offers a fresh perspective on the many textures of beautiful hair. With its catchy rhythm and melodic rhymes, this poetic anthem will leave your head bopping and your feet hip-hopping! It’s fresh perspective on hip hop and it’s timely message will inspire you to proclaim your uniqueness and broadcast your truth with the styles you wear and your HIP HOP HAIR.

Written by JFAM Johnson™ (a collective of 8 siblings), HIP HOP HAIR highlights the rhyme, rhythm, and respect of the history and culture of Hip Hop. This literary delight includes original illustrations and designs by Abigail C. Johnson (age 12) and Jael K. Johnson (age 10). Each illustration is a vibrant display of Black and Brown American boys and girls in uplifting and true-to-life settings.

This poetic parade of rhythm and rhyme is partnered with dynamic colors and images that speak to generations of creatives! HIP HOP HAIR’S imaginative end rhymes and repetitive melodies will have you chanting, “I’m HIP, I’m HOP,” before you’ve made it half-way through the book. HIP HOP HAIR is an interactive immersion boasting fun facts, resources, and a bonus website so you can have a truly hip-hop experience!

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