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May 24, 2022
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HELP I LOST SOMEONE I LOVE: Therapeutic intervention for children dealing with grief and loss” by Jennifer G. Charleau

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Perhaps you feel ill-prepared and somewhat overwhelmed at the prospect of helping your
child cope with a death. This therapeutic guidebook helps children explore their grief when
a love one dies. This book brings therapy to the grieving child. Children learn healthy coping
skills, emotional labelling and reframing techniques.
This book is helpful to your child because it provides simple, age appropriate, practical
strategies for coping with loss. Children also learn that those who die, can remain a part of
their lives through memory. This book also includes intervention activities which may help
in reducing traumatic grief symptoms in children.
This unique approach, helps children in mourning to navigate their healing through their
own voice.
♥ Amazing illustrations.
♥ Kid friendly dialogue.
♥ Activity sheets.
♥ Grounded in Trauma and Behavioral Therapy.

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