February 16, 2022
Lucinda West
February 18, 2022

“Everyone Cries” by J.J. Holroyd, Kat Romine (Illustrator)

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Everyone Cries is a delightfully written, beautifully illustrated book, depicting a wide variety of animals, all of whom come together to help children who are experiencing sadness or grief.

Everybody Cries is intended to normalize the experiences of sadness, grief, and crying. The content of this book can be used as a conversation starter to help facilitate often-difficult conversations with children around life experiences that may cause them to feel grief, sadness or a need to cry. The cadence and simplicity of the wording make the book easy for children to read, or listen to, and understand. Young readers (or listeners) will find the colorful depiction of a variety of animals captivating as well!

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