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February 12, 2022
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February 16, 2022

“Equal” by Roberto C. Cruz

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Equal is a children’s book that helps children learn to recognize, appreciate and celebrate diversity through the story of a little girl who notices that her skin color is different from her friend’s. It teaches children something important about themselves and how the world works at the same time. Equal shows children how to notice differences when they happen to show up in their life but also to appreciate them so they can learn to love themselves and others.

• This is a story about accepting who you are and inspiring kids to be the best they can be
• Great for both boys and girls
• A wonderful bedtime story for children of all ages
• The author, Roberto C. Cruz Garcia, is a Illustrator, author and designer from Puerto Rico
• A Children’s book that promotes equality by comparing skin color and equality.
• No child should grow up thinking they are different or inferior to anyone.
• A great way to introduce the topic of equality to children.

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