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May 22, 2022
May 25, 2022

“Echo, Pixel and H. the Extraordinary Witch” by L.H. Kronberg

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H is a little witch that lives in the forest with her two four-legged sidekicks, Echo and Pixel. When a thief steals toys from the local orphanage, the trio springs into action to save the day, spreading kindness, fighting for good, and teaching others about empathy and love.

This is the first book by debut author, L.H. Kronberg, who is an animal activist, and a voice of kindness and love in a world that can feel big and scary sometimes.

She does her best writing while watching the real Echo and Pixel play in her garden. Inspired by their silliness and happiness, she launched Pix-E-Paws web site and this book to spread positivity and help children discover the endless magic in this world and within themselves.

Kronberg writes stories that teach children to see the good in other people and see the world in a beautiful, positive, and uplifting way.

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