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June 9, 2021
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July 15, 2021

“Early Learner K – 2: Learn to Read, Write and Count Workbook” by Denese Bryan

Lessons in this workbook help build a foundation in letter recognition, counting, handwriting , phonics ,reading and identifying patterns using shapes. For kids ages 5-7.

Included in this workbook: Alphabets – 26 pages – Count the capital alphabet- Count the small alphabet- Write the number of alphabets in the box.- Practice writing the alphabet
Phonics – 55 pages- Vowels ,The Consonants, Sound of ‘A’ ‘a’- , Sound of ‘E’ ‘e’- , Sound of ‘I’ ‘i’- , Sound of ‘O’ ‘o’- and Sound of ‘U’ ‘u’-
Fill in the blanks to make words with the help of ‘a’-
Match the pictures with correct words
Write the name of the pictures
Write the words that rhyme
Conversation Practice – 12 pages- 1. Let’s Meet Me- 2. About My Family- 3. My Sweet Home- 4. My School- 5. My Regular Act- 6. Natural Colors- 7. Five Sense Organs- 8. Home Of Animals- 9. Our Universe- 10. Opposites

Sentences & Phrases – 53 pages- Sentences of Greeting- Manners & Etiquette- Small sentences and phrases.

And So Much More…


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