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February 8, 2021
For the Kids
February 8, 2021

“Doolittle:: The Dog Who Yawned Too Much” by Alli Goodhart

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“Henry saw a cat sitting on a fence. Even the cat began to yawn and the yawning made it fall down. Henry started to smile at the power that Doolittle had to make people yawn and do silly things. ”Doolittle, the Dog that Yawned Too Much is a hilarious bedtime story for children that teaches kids a valuable lesson about the importance of family interaction, laughter and friendship. The captivating dog illustrations and funny children’s story will surely make Doolittle your boys’ and girls’ favorite dog book for kids. Doolittle is a sweet dog with a yawning problem. His family tried everything to stop the yawning, because it’s contagious. Everywhere Doolittle goes, he yawns and makes others yawn too. One day, it all changes and something miraculous occurs. Doolittle is a wonderful bedtime story for preschool to elementary school aged children filled with laughter, some yawning and heartwarming messages about being a happy family and the power of laughter.

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