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June 26, 2022
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July 1, 2022

“Discover the solar system” by Sameh Atef Soliman

Join us on a miraculous quest to discover the skies, space, stars, planets, and moons. What is the Sun? What is the solar system? What are planets made of, how far are they, and why do they look the way they do? Why do planets move in circles around the sun? And how do scientists know all that?

Discover the international space station, the moon landing, and the quest to colonize the red planet. All in a simple book, specially designed to excite children’s curiosity to learn about our universe and unleash their power of imagination.

This book is a part of the Discover series. An illustrated educational book series designed for kids to introduce them to the scientific world, excite their curiosity, and unleash their power of imagination. The series covers many interesting topics, aiming to encourage children to learn and research at an early age so they can better choose their successful future.

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