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February 11, 2022
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February 12, 2022

“The Woodlands: Cork Flats” by Gregg Cox

The Woodlands, a series of over 200 episodes, is a town in a tree, where its inhabitants are set on making their world grow in a positive way, with the help of nature.

Amber, Tim, Ben, and the dog Barky, are constantly at work making things flourish.

But, there are others, who would like to rot and decay the Woodlands, turning it into a paradise for mold and fungus.

Spur, Conny, and Cambi are cousins, who are trying to bring down and contaminate anything that, in their opinion, does not fit into the scheme of the Woodlands.

In this episode: Cork Flats, Spur devises a plan to ruin the builder of Cork Flats and turn the land into a mushroom patch.

While Amber, Tim, and Ben enjoy a boat race, Spur and his two cousins are busy with their plans.

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