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“Children’s Bedtime Stories: Animal Superheroes Saving the Planet” by Sophia Sweet

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Children’s Bedtime Stories: Animal Superheroes Saving the Planet is a book that will take you on a unique and unforgettable adventure where you will join five superhero animals as they try to save the Earth for Mother Nature and her golden-horned unicorn!

Perry the Parrot, Dolly the Dolphin, Leon the Lion, Pepe the Polar Bear, and Frido the Frog used to be ordinary animals. They loved to have fun, go on adventures and play with their friends – just like every kid does.

But there was one problem. The pollution in the oceans, the destruction of the rainforests, the melting ice caps, illegal hunting and poaching, the erosion of the wetlands, and other evils that threaten the planet are making it impossible for them to have any fun because their homes are being destroyed.

They wished that they could do something to stop the evil forces from progressing, and Mother Nature heard their pleas. Mother Nature has sent a golden-horned unicorn to grant them superpowers and transform them into her champions.

Still, before they can start saving the Earth, they have to find each other and unite…

Follow the unusual band of superheroes as they discover more about their superpowers. Who will they meet along the way, and what will they learn? What will happen when they finally unite? Take a peek inside and find out!

If you’re looking for a bedtime story filled with adventure, meaning, and fun, then jump into the incredible world of our five superheroes and help them save our planet.

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